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Comment to Bot Competition Social Media
Case Study

By The Creative Collective


Miss Cheri Body Contouring is located in Malvern, Victoria.

This company specialises in fat reduction, cellulite reduction, body contouring, anti-aging, acne reduction and many other services with non-invasive, medical-graded treatments with the highest quality health & wellness packages.

Miss Cheri and The Creative Collective worked together to create a Comment to Bot competition through their Facebook page using a third party chatbot system and the messaging features of a Facebook page with the aim of building the venue's brand awareness, level of engagement on social media, increasing the company database and giving the client the ability to send future promotional messages to people who 'opted in' by entering the competition.

Skin Rejuvenation


Having had success with a range of other clients, we suggested a comment to bot competition on Facebook might be a good way for Miss Cheri Body Contouring to increase brand awareness and grow their database so they could share current promotional offers.

A comment to bot competition means that a Facebook user is prompted to comment on a page post, which then triggers an automatic Facebook Messenger bot to that user direct and our clever little bot does the rest, subject to what we have programmed it to do.

In the case of this client, people commenting with 'ENTER' were prompted to provide their email + phone number in Facebook messenger and were then told they had successfully entered the competition in a brand voice which was authentic for Miss Cheri as a brand.

With the bot created, we conducted some test runs with the client then launched the campaign via a carefully written page post (see below) with a carefully written Sponsored Post on Facebook for desktop + mobile view targeting people females aged 25 - 55 years with interests in line with the product on offer (cosmetics, beauty, bodyShaping, weight loss health & wellness etc.


Campaign duration: 17 April - 31 May 2019

Spend: $700 AUD

Reach: 16,134 people - 9016 people reached organically, 7670 people reached through advertising

Actions: 1,099 Reactions, comments & shares - 514 comments of which 289 were entries, the rest people tagging other people, 112 Shares, 278 Interactions

Post clicks: 790

Engagements: 1,889

Follow-up to entrants via Messenger - 96.7% open rate!

43.9% link clicks to view the announcement post

3% of those that opened the broadcast, clicked on the button to ‘BOOK NOW’

Over the period of the competition, we had around a 63% increase in page likes - gaining +345 page likes

The competition was a huge success and was great for furthering engagement and page likes, as well as building up the current database.

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